Advantages of Importing DVDs to a Computer

Here we will explain three advantages of importing DVDs to your computer.

1. it can create a backup of your important data

DVDs themselves are a storage tool, but on the other hand, they are thin and vulnerable and can be damaged in any way. Therefore, it is safer to store your data in two places: on the disc and on your computer. 2.

2. easy processing and editing

Photos and videos written to DVD cannot be modified afterwards. You can edit them by copying them to your computer when you want to correct them, but it is more efficient to import the original data to your computer from the beginning. It is also easier to manage multiple data files on the computer. 3.

3) DVD data can be shared with people who do not have DVD players

In recent years, video distribution services have become mainstream, and there may be an increasing number of people who do not purchase DVDs or do not have DVD players. In such cases, you can easily share the contents of DVDs by putting the data in your PC.

What you need when importing DVDs to your computer

Here are three essential items for actually importing DVDs to your computer.

What you need to import DVDs to your computer (1) DVD drive

In order to import data on a DVD, you need something to connect the DVD to your computer. Some desktop and some notebook computers have a built-in DVD drive, but many modern notebook computers do not.

What you need to import DVDs to your computer (2) Storage space

For single layer type DVDs, a maximum of 4.7 GB is recorded on one disc. Make sure you have enough space for the number of discs you want to put in.

What you need to import DVDs to your computer (3) DVD ripping software

DVD ripping software is required if you want to import commercially available DVDs (removing copy protection is prohibited by law). There are various types of ripping software, including free and paid ones, so choose the one that suits you best.

How to import homemade DVDs to your computer in Windows 10

When importing homemade DVDs to your computer on Windows 10, there is usually no copy protection, so you can easily save DVDs to your computer by following the steps below without the need for any specialized software.

dvd コピー 方法

Step 1: Load the DVD on your computer

Load the homemade DVD you wish to copy into your computer's drive; after the DVD is properly loaded, go to "Computer," right-click on the drive containing the DVD, and select the "Open" option. The contents of the inserted DVD will then be displayed.

Step 2: Copy the DVD to your computer

You can copy the files in the contents of the inserted DVD to your computer by dragging and dropping them. Just double-click the DVD drive you want to data in Explorer, select the files you want to data from the contents of the DVD folder, and then copy and paste them to the HDD or other USB device on your computer!

Then you can easily import DVD data to your computer.

How to import rental and commercial DVDs to your computer

To prevent unauthorized duplication of DVD content, rental/commercial DVDs are subject to DVD copy protections such as RC, RCA, CSS, APS, RipGuard, RCE, UOPs, ARcc OS, and CPRM. To copy rental/commercial DVDs, professional DVD copy software that supports the copy protections is essential.

DVD copy free software on the market is often not compatible with the latest DVDs due to limited functionality or end of development. Therefore, we recommend DVDFab DVD Copy, which is constantly updated to support the latest DVD copy protections.

How to import DVD to computer 1: DVDFab DVD Copy

System Requirements Windows 7 and later / macOS 10.7 and later
Copy Guard Supported RC, RCA, CSS, APS, RipGuard, RCE, UOPs, ARcc OS, AV copy protections, etc.
Input Formats Commercial and adult DVD discs, folders, ISO files
Output Format DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO file
Copy Modes Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Write, Merge, Split, Customize


DVDFab DVD Copy supports the latest copy protections to remove the copy protections of rental/commercial DVDs and import DVD videos to your computer as DVD folder or ISO image file.

You can choose from six copy modes. ISO file, folder, or DVD to blank disc can be selected according to your needs.

It also allows you to retain the high quality and lossless sound of DVD and Blu-ray videos, and offers various setting options such as title, chapter, subtitle, audio, volume label, output, and more. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the best DVD Copy software.

Click the button below to free download the latest version of DVDFab for a 30-day full-featured free trial.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Download macOS 10.10 - 13
  100% safe (virus checked)

The following are the steps to import DVD to your computer using DVDFab DVD Copy. Instructions are provided in both text and video.

From here, the actual procedure for importing DVDs to your computer will be explained. This time, we will use "DVDFab DVD Copy". Please refer to it if you like.

  1. Launch DVDFab DVD Copy and click "Copy" on the top screen
  2. Select the desired copy mode.
  3. Click "+" to import DVD.
  4. Click "Advanced" at the bottom of the displayed DVD column to configure various settings such as volume label, output, etc.
  5. Press the ISO or Folder button at the bottom of the screen to determine the output destination
  6. Click "Start

Select any one of the copy modes

There are six copy modes available, and the functions of each copy mode are described below.

Trivia ] Six copy modes
  • Full Disk: The entire disk/ISO/folder is copied. (Copy menu)
  • Main Movie: Only the main part of the disc/ISO/folder will be copied. (No menu is copied)
  • Clone/Burn: Clones the DVD at a 1:1 ratio. (Menus are copied)
  • Customize: Some content from the disc/ISO/folder will be copied.
  • Split: One DVD9 will be split into two DVD5.
  • Merge: Combine multiple DVD videos into one DVD.

Import DVD via "+".

Function options on the main screen allow you to preview the DVD, check source information, set output video details, and select output size. One of the most commonly used options is "Advanced". Click the "Advanced" option, and the screen that appears allows you to set the volume label, output, copy, delete, etc. Make settings as needed.

dvd コピー 方法

To determine the output destination, press the ISO or Folder button at the bottom of the screen

Click "Start

For your convenience, we have prepared the following DVD importing operation video for your reference.

Video Explanation

How to rip DVD to computer Method 2: DVDFab DVD Ripper

Converting a DVD movie to a common video file not only makes it easy to play on your computer, but also allows you to import it to your cell phone or iPad to enjoy your favorite movies while commuting to work. Therefore, it is recommended to use DVD ripping software to directly convert and import DVDs to MP4, MKV, and other formats.

We recommend DVDFab DVD Ripper as an easy-to-use and feature-rich DVD ripping software.

DVDFab DVD Ripper is an excellent DVD ripping software that can remove powerful copy protections and convert and extract DVD to versatile video and audio formats in seconds. 1000+ video formats are supported, and you can convert DVD to almost all video and audio formats. A disc of approximately 2 hours can be converted in just 5 minutes and can be comfortably enjoyed on various mobile devices and home theaters. It also provides high-quality conversion and profiles that allow you to use it without worrying about loss of picture or sound quality.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Download macOS 10.10 - 13
  100% safe (virus checked)

dvd コピー 方法

It also includes versatile editing features such as changing video/audio parameters, trimming video, cropping, adding watermarks and subtitles, and adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation.

dvd コピー 方法

For more information on how to use this software, please refer to the " DVD Ripper " article.

How to rip DVDs to computer 3: Completely free DVDFab HD Decrypter

DVDFab HD Decrypter, like DVDFab DVD Copy, is a free copying, ripping, and video converting software developed by DVDFab Software in China. It can remove some DVD copy protections free of charge and import DVDs to your computer as DVD folder/ISO file in full disc or main movie mode.

This software is a permanent free DVD burner. Click the button below to give it a try.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Download macOS 10.10 - 13
  100% safe (virus checked)

DVDFab HD Decrypter does not support the latest copy protections, so you may not be able to import and copy DVDs to your computer. The method to copy DVDs with DVDFab HD Decrypter is the same as the one for DVDFab DVD Copy above.

! Please note: DVDFab HD Decrypter does not have a compression feature; if you want to compress and copy a 2-layer DVD disc to a 1-layer DVD disc/file, please purchase DVDFab DVD Copy.

How to import recorded DVDs to your computer

DVDs recorded of terrestrial digital broadcasting are discs recorded in DVD-VR and AVCREC format. However, the data structure of commercial video discs is different, and CPRM copy protection is also installed, so special software is needed to deal with it.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD

dvd コピー 方法

DVDFab Passkey for DVD can not only remove copy protections on rental and commercial DVD discs, but also remove CPRM protections on DVDs recorded from terrestrial digital broadcast programs and BS digital broadcast programs, and save DVD contents as DVD folder or ISO file on PC HDD. DVD content as DVD folder or ISO file on your PC HDD.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)

Basic information:

System Requirements Windows 7 and later
Supported Copy Guards RC, RCA, CSS, APS, RipGuard, RCE, UOPs, ARcc OS, CPRM, etc.
Input Formats Commercial, recorded, and adult DVD discs, DVD folders, DVD ISO
Output Format DVD folder, ISO file

Below are the steps to remove copy protections and rip homemade/commercial/rental/recorded DVDs using Passkey for DVD.

1. Download and install the latest version of Passkey for DVD on a computer with a drive compatible with DVDs recorded on terrestrial digital TV using the button above.

Insert the DVD into the drive. Double-click the DVDFab Passkey icon on the desktop. Click the "Authenticate" button in the lower right corner of the screen that appears and authenticate with your registered email address and password, or wait for this window to close.

dvd コピー 方法

Passkey will load the DVD source and disappear. 3.

dvd コピー 方法

 dvd コピー 方法 

3. then click on the minimized passkey icon on the right side of the taskbar. In the "Information" window, you can see detailed information about the removed copy protections.

dvd コピー 方法

4. From the menu that appears, select "Rip to hard disk (H)..." and "Rip to image file (I)...". and "Rip to Image File (I)..." options. options. Select one of them, click the target option "..." to specify where to save the output file, and then click the "Rip" button.

dvd コピー 方法

Comparison of DVD ripping software features

The above are the three ways to burn and copy homemade/commercial/rental/recorded terrestrial digital DVDs. In addition, we compare DVDFab DVD Copy, DVDFab HD Decrypter and Passkey for DVD. Please choose the appropriate product to import DVDs to your computer according to your needs.

Features DVDFab DVD Copy DVDFab HD Decrypter Passkey for DVD
Copy Modes Six Two Two
Latest Copy Guard Supported Not supported Supported
Adult disc Supported Not supported Supported
Discs within one year of release Supported Not supported Supported
Recorded DVD disc Supported (Clone mode only) Not supported Supported
Compressed copy Can be done Cannot be done Cannot be done
Output Size DVD5/DVD9 DVD9 Same as original disc size
Output Format DVD disc/folder/ISO Folder/ISO Folder/ISO
Built-in burning engine Available Cannot be used Not available
Third-party burning engine (e.g., Imgburn) Can be used Can be used Available

If you want to know more about DVD Copy software, please read the article " DVD Copy Free Software ".

Note: Regarding the issue of illegal DVD copying and ripping, it is now illegal to copy DVD content to a PC for personal use by removing CSS from the DVD content. If you get into trouble, you are entirely responsible. Be very careful about this.

Q&A for those who want to import DVDs to PC

Here are five questions that tend to arise when importing DVDs to a computer. 1.

1. what should I pay attention to when importing DVDs to my computer?

First, make sure that the DVD itself is not scratched or dirty. Even the smallest of details may cause the DVD to not copy correctly. In case of stains, wipe gently from the center outward using a cleaning solution and a microfiber or other cloth that will not remove fiber debris.

2. what format is used to import DVDs?

The format used for DVDs is MPEG-2. It has a large capacity and high picture quality and can be played on a computer. However, this format is converted at the final stage of copying to DVD, and editing work is generally done in other file formats. Incidentally, if you want to get a higher quality image, you must also increase the image quality at the original file format. 3.

Can I import Japanese DVDs to my computer?

Yes, you can import Japanese DVDs if you use a ripping software that supports the copy protection. 4.

Is it illegal to copy commercial DVDs?

The 2012 amendment to the Copyright Law prohibits the removal and copying of not only copy protection but also CSS (encryption technology). In other words, copying using ripping software is illegal. Please note that the same applies even for private use.

How can I import CD data to my computer?

If you have Windows Media Player, iTunes, or Music Center for PC (for Walkman), you can import CD data. Here we introduce the method using Windows Media Player.

  1. Start Windows Media Player.
  2. Insert a disc.
  3. Click "Import Settings" on the menu bar, click "Format" and select the desired format (basically MP3).
  4. Check the songs you want to import, and click "Import CD" on the menu bar.


In this article, we have explained how to import DVDs to your computer, and although DVDs themselves are a data storage medium, it is safer to have double backups, and they are very convenient for easy editing and sharing. If you want to manage your own DVDs, you may want to try the software we have introduced. Among them, the most recommended one is DVDFab DVD Copy. This software is perfect for DVD importing, and its simple operation makes it easy to use even for beginners. Give it a try.