DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

What is DVD Copy Guard?

DVD copy protection is a process used to prevent unauthorized copying of DVDs, etc. Besides DVDs, this technology is also used for Blu-ray, CDs, and video game software, etc. It is applied to almost all copyrighted works, except those created by the creator.

This technology is used not only for DVDs but also for Blu-ray, CDs, game software, etc. Almost all copyrighted works, except those created by the creator, are protected by copy protection. Therefore, in many cases, it is not possible to duplicate a DVD that has been copy-protected.

Types of Copy Guards

Commercial and rental discs usually have strong copy protection. DVDs dubbed from TV programs are also automatically copy-protected.

CSS Encrypts or scrambles the video data on the DVD
CPRM Copy control for digital recording of digital broadcast programs
RC (Region Code) Restrictions on viewing only in certain countries or regions
Cinavia A copy protection that mutes audio by means of a digital watermark superimposed on the audio
Capacity disguise Embedding many dummy video files in a DVD to disguise the capacity itself.

Inside, the copy protection mainly used for DVDs is a type called CSS. The video is encrypted and the encryption key cannot be duplicated.

DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

In addition, region codes are also commonly found. This is a code that limits the region in which the DVD can be played. Unless the disc and player codes match, it cannot be played. For example, the United States and Canada are code 1, while Japan, South Africa, and the Middle East are code 2.

In addition to this, many companies develop and use their own copy protection.

 Tips - Check in advance

It is difficult to check in advance whether a DVD is copy protected or not. This is because most copyguards in recent years have been encrypted. However, it can be said that basically all DVDs currently sold or rented are copy-guarded.

It is illegal to remove the copy guard!

Copying/ripping copy-guarded DVDs, such as commercial and rental DVDs, is completely prohibited by law and is illegal. Not to mention that exchanging, distributing, buying, selling, etc. of copied DVDs is illegal, even for personal use. But it is legal if you only play the commercial DVDs and rental DVDs instead of copying them by removing the commercial DVD and rental DVD copy guard. It is also legal to copy homemade DVDs.

Generally speaking, if you remove the copy protection from a DVD at home and use it for private purposes, there is no penalty as long as others know about it. However, if you share DVDs copied by removing the copy guard on social networking services or exchange or sell them to others, the author will know about it and there is a high possibility of being sued, so you may be subject to penalties.

Incidentally, since DVDs created by yourself are not copy-guarded, there is of course no problem in duplicating them. If you want to copy home videos or homemade movies, you do not need to worry about copy protection.

The safest way to enjoy encrypted DVDs and Blu-ray discs

If you want to play a DVD, you can use this software to disable the copy protections.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD Copy Protections Removal Software

DVDFab Passkey for DVD is recommended here to disable the copy protections of DVDs as soon as they are launched so that you can play DVDs on your PC.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD can disable copy protections such as RC, RCE, APS, UOP, ARccOS, RipGuard, etc., and decrypt DVDs so that you can freely watch them on any drive or player software that supports specific region codes. DVD decryption is not only for commercially available rental DVDs, but also for DVDs that have been rented.

In addition to commercially available rental DVDs, it can also be used to copy protect DVD discs that contain digital broadcast programs in high definition using the AVCREC or VR formats.

Click the button below to download Passkey for free.

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How to play DVDs with copy protections that are not illegal

Download and install DVDFab Passkey on your PC (Windows only)
(2) With Passkey running, play the DVD using media player software (VLC, Playerfab, etc.).
When you are done watching, close Passkey.

Recommended] 4 best free software to remove DVD copy protections!

So, how do you want to remove DVD copy protections? The easiest way is to use a free software to remove DVD copy protections. Here are 4 free software to remove DVD copy protections.

Copy Guard Removal Software 1: DVDFab DVD Copy

If you think it is difficult to remove DVD copy protections, DVDFab DVD Copy is not difficult at all, it only takes a few steps and is very beginner-friendly.

DVDFab DVD Copy is the best DVD copy software that supports all copy protections including CSS, UOPs, APS, RC (Region Code), DADC, Disney's Fake, AV Copy Guard, Cinavia, etc.

With 6 copy modes, users can freely select to copy the entire DVD, the main movie, or just multiple chapters. There are also various setting options for title, chapter, subtitle, audio, volume label, output, and more.

  • The most powerful copy protector for all Blu-ray and special BD discs, including commercial, rental, homemade, 3D, ISO files, folders, etc.
  • Supports 6 copy modes for maximum copy speed, output to BD50, BD25, BD9, and BD5, and both 1:1 copy and compressed copy with high image quality.
  • Preserves high quality DVD and Blu-ray video with high image quality and lossless high quality sound.
  • Flexible editing functions, allowing you to freely edit, select subtitles and tracks.
  • Built-in player function to remove video protections and preview videos.

Now you have 30 days to try all the features! You can copy DVD as you like and process it to get the copy protection removed!

Click the button below for a 30-day free trial of the best copy protection software in the industry.

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After the trial period, you can automatically convert to DVDFab HD Decrypter Free Edition software.

How to remove DVD copy protections free of charge

First, install DVDFab DVD Copy on your computer and launch it. Select "Copy" from the menu at the top of the screen and insert the DVD you want to load.

Then select a copy mode from the six available. Also, after selecting the destination and other settings, press the "Start" button to begin copying.

DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

You can also view the progress at any time, so you can check it at any time and cancel at any time if you want to stop.

If you would like to compare and understand other DVD copy software to remove DVD copy protections, please refer to this page.

Compare popular free and paid DVD copy software for Windows!

Copy Protector Removal Software 2: AnyMP4 DVD Copy

AnyMP4 DVD Copy is a DVD decrypter that can remove some copy protections such as CSS and AACS. There are three modes of copying: Full Copy, Main Movie, and Customize. Choose the one that best suits the range you want to copy.

You can also use simple editing functions such as subtitle selection and menu deletion. In addition, copying is characterized by fast completion. Therefore, it is recommended for those who want to minimize the waiting time as much as possible.

How to remove DVD copy protections with AnyMP4 DVD Copy

DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

First, install and launch AnyMP4 DVD Copy on your computer. Then, insert the DVD you want to load into your computer.

After loading is complete, a menu will appear, where you can select the file type, target size, copy mode, and so on. Once all settings are complete, press the "Start" button to begin.

Copy Protection Removal Software 3: DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is an easy-to-use DVD copy protection removal software for beginners, even those who are not familiar with using software, as it allows you to copy DVDs with simple operations. It can remove some copy protections.

However, it is now out of development and will not be newly updated. You can still use the software, but it may not be compatible with the latest copy protection. It may also not be compatible with newer Windows operating systems. Therefore, you may need to use newer copy protection removal software in some cases.

How to Remove DVD Copy Protections with DVD Shrink 

DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

Once you have installed DVD Shrink on your computer, insert the DVD you wish to copy. Then click on "Open Disc". When the editing screen appears, set up the subtitles, audio, and other settings. Then choose the output file format and output destination, and start copying.

Copy Protector Removal Software 4: 4Videosoft DVD Cloner

4Videosoft DVD Cloner can copy any DVD disc, not only copy DVD-9 to the same DVD-9, but also compress DVD-9 to DVD-5!

With the snapshot function, you can also capture and save the video. 4Videosoft DVD Cloner has three copy modes: Full Copy, Main Movie Copy, and Customize Copy.

However, it can also be used as a copy protector remover, but the copy protections it can support are somewhat limited. Please check before use.

DVD コピー ガード 解除 フリー ソフト

How to Remove DVD Copy Protections with 4Videosoft DVD Cloner

First, you need to install 4Videosoft DVD Cloner. Then choose the DVD you want to copy from "Source". Then choose the destination, choose the copy mode, and set the menu and other settings in the Options. When the settings are complete, press the "Start" button to begin copying.

From here, we will introduce free software that can remove copy protections. If you want to remove Blu-ray copy protections, please refer to our free Blu-ray Copy Protections Removal Software article.

4. summary

By utilizing complimentary software designed for removing dvd copy guards, you can effortlessly eliminate obstructions that prevent dvd copying. In particular, we endorse the utilization of DVDFab DVD Copy,as it offers a multitude of copy modes and boasts user-friendly functionality. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when engaging in the removal or exposure of copy guards, as utilizing DVDs for commercial purposes without proper authorization may hold illegitimate consequences. It is imperative to recognize and abide by the fact that copy guard removal is deemed unlawful, and instead, relish the experience of watching DVDs within the boundaries set forth by the law.

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