"What can DVDFab do for me? I want to know how to use and install DVDFab!"

"I want to know how to use and install DVDFab! "

DVDFab 12 is a popular PC software for DVD copying and ripping.

However, many people are not familiar with what exactly "DVDFab 12" can do and how to use it.

In this article, we will provide an overview of "DVDFab 12" and explain how to use it thoroughly!

We will explain everything from how to install "DVD Fab12" in detail, so even if you have never used it before, please take a look at this article.


Overview of "DVD Fab12

DVDFab12 is a PC software for DVD copying and ripping.

DVDFab 12 is a so-called all-in-one software, which means that all the functions related to DVD copying and ripping are implemented in one software.

In this section, we will introduce the overview of DVDFab 12 with an explanation of DVD copying and ripping.

Overview and Features of DVDFab 12

DVDFab 12 is a DVD copying and ripping software with the following features

  • Capable of copying and ripping DVD discs (Blu-ray discs are also supported)
  • Wide variety of copy formats
  • Supports DVD copy protections and region codes
  • Fast copying speed and high image quality
  • Easy to use

DVD Fab12 is an all-in-one DVD copying and ripping software. Therefore, its main functions include the ability to copy DVD discs, DVD folders, and ISO image files.

It is also characterized by its ability to select the copy format, which supports both unabridged copying and compressed copying.

DVD Fab12" is a paid software, but a free trial version is also available. The free trial version allows you to try out all the features of "DVD Fab12," so you can take your time to check its performance and ease of use before you consider purchasing it.

Incidentally, "DVD Fab DVD Copy," whose usage is described in detail in this article, is a module included in "DVD Fab. Therefore, if you download "DVD Fab 12", you can install "DVD Fab DVD Copy" together with other modules.

What is DVD Copy/Ripper?

DVD Fab 12" is a DVD copying and ripping software, but what are DVD copying and ripping?

DVD Copy is a function that duplicates the files on the DVD disc you want to copy. DVD copy is basically an unabridged copy, but it often includes compressed copies.

DVD ripping, on the other hand, is the function of extracting DVD data and saving it in video and audio file formats, etc. DVD data files are converted and imported into image file formats and other data formats that can be handled on a PC.

DVD copying and ripping are often performed as a set, but software tends to be sold separately. However, "DVD Fab12" is an all-in-one software, so you can use both functions.

Incidentally, most DVDs on the market tend to be copy-protected for copyright protection. Discs that are technically protected in this way cannot be copied or ripped without using software that has a copy guard removal function.

In Japan, copying and ripping is allowed only for unprotected DVD discs for private use. Therefore, copying a DVD disc protected by copy protection is illegal even if it is for private use.

Since "DVDFab 12" has a copy protection removal function, please be careful not to accidentally duplicate a protected DVD disc.

How to install "DVD Fab12

To install "DVDFab12", please do the following

  1. Download the latest version of "DVDFab" from the download page.
  2. Run the downloaded file (installer).
  3. Uncheck "User Experience Programs" if necessary and select "Quick Install
  4. Follow the installation guide to proceed with the installation.
  5. If the download was successful, the "DVDFab" icon will appear on your desktop.
  6. Double-click the icon to launch the program.
  7. When asked about your license status, select "Trial" if you want to use the free trial version, or "Buy Now" if you want to use the paid version.

Download page on the official website: https://dvdfab.org/download.htm

Click the "Free Download" button on the "DVD Fab12" download page to download the installer. Launch the installer saved under the name "xxx.exe" to start the installation of "DVD Fab12".

A screen may appear asking for permission to make changes to the device. If you select "Yes" to allow the changes, the installation will continue.

How to use "DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the modules included in DVDFab 12.

Once installed, "DVDFab DVD Copy" can be used to perform the main function of "DVDFab 12", which is "DVD Copy".

In this section, we will explain the steps to copy DVD using "DVDFab DVD Copy" and the main settings.

How to copy a DVD (when writing to a blank DVD disc)

To copy a DVD using "DVDFab DVD Copy", follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the software and select the "Copy" icon.
  2. Select the mode you want to use from those displayed in the "Copy Mode" section.
  3. Insert the DVD disc you wish to copy into the drive or click the "+" button to add the DVD file.
  4. If the DVD file is successfully loaded, the title, audio, and other details will be displayed.
  5. From the "Output to" list, select the optical drive you wish to use for DVD copying.
  6. Set the number of DVD discs you wish to burn the data to in the "Number of Copies" field.
  7. Press the "Start" button to begin DVD copying.
  8. The tray of the specified optical drive will automatically open and a blank disc will be placed in the tray.
  9. After a short wait, the DVD copying is completed.

DVD copying with DVDFab reads and temporarily saves the data on the original DVD disc, and then writes it to a blank DVD. Therefore, if you specify a blank DVD disc as the write destination, you will have to set a blank disc during the copying process.

When "DVDFab DVD Copy" reads a DVD disc, information about the copy protection applied to the disc is displayed under the title. To avoid unintentional illegal copying, make sure there is no copy protection here before you start copying DVD safely.

How to copy a DVD (without using a blank DVD disc)

If you want to save DVD files in ISO image file or movie folder format, please follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the software and select the "Copy" icon
  2. Load the source DVD file as you would with a blank DVD disc.
  3. Select "Save as Movie Folder" or "Save as ISO Image File" from the icons on the right side of "Output Destination".
  4. Specify the destination for the file and click "Start" to begin DVD copying.
  5. After a short wait, DVD copying will be completed.

Whether you want to save as an ISO image file or a movie folder, the procedure is almost the same as when copying to a blank DVD disc.

Just remember to click the icon near "Output To" and change the file format to ISO image file, etc.

Available Copy Modes in DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to choose from the following copy modes

  • Full Disc: Copies all files contained on the DVD. Unlike Clone, the detailed settings can be changed.
  • Main Movie: Copies only the specified elements of the DVD file. For example, if you select the main movie as the copy target, bonus videos and menus will not be copied.
  • Customize: Allows you to customize the output settings to copy as you like.
  • Split: Allows you to split a single-sided dual-layer (DVD9) format file and copy it as a single-sided single-layer (DVD5) format file. If the size of the file to be copied is large, it may be compressed.
  • Merge: Copies data from multiple DVD discs and combines them into a single DVD disc. If the size of the files to be copied exceeds the capacity of the destination disc, they are automatically compressed.
  • Clone: Copies all data contained on the original DVD disc as is.

As you can see, each copy mode differs in terms of the data to be copied, whether it is compressed or not, and the format of the copy. You can use each copy mode according to your own purpose of use.

If you want to copy the contents of a DVD file as is, you can basically choose Full Disc, Main Movie, or Clone. However, Clone is not available in the free version, so if you do not have the paid version, please choose either Full Disc or Main Movie.


In this article, we have provided an overview of "DVDFab 12", how to install it, and how to use its DVD copy function.

DVDFab 12" is a PC software for DVD copying and ripping.

With the copy function of "DVDFab 12", you can read a DVD disc or DVD format file and save or duplicate it on a blank disc or on your PC.

However, please note that "DVDFab 12" has a copy protection removal function, which may constitute illegal copying depending on how you use it. Please be sure to never copy DVD discs that are copy-protected, and use "DVDFab12" in compliance with the law.