In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of the features and usage of deep faking applications specifically designed for PCs and smartphones. Moreover, we will guide you through a detailed method of creating faked images for illustrative purposes, utilizing the powerful capabilities of DVDFab Photo Processing AI.


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The boundaries between reality and fabrication are becoming increasingly indistinct with the emergence of highly precise Deepfake apps designed for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. These user-friendly applications have made it effortless for even novices to create convincing deepfakes.

This article aims to acquaint readers with popular Deepfake applications available for both personal computers and mobile devices. Furthermore, in the latter part of the article, we will delve into the accessible DVDFab Photo Processing AI and provide an explanation of its features.

Deep Faking available for PC and smartphone

Here we would like to introduce some easy and high-performance deep faking applications available for PCs and smartphones.

All of these apps are basically free, so please install and use them first.



It is a deepfake application that has become popular on the Internet and TV, and has become famous as an application that allows you to easily change your gender and age, apply makeup, etc., from a photo you have taken of yourself. Although there are some charges, you can use a lot of things for free, so it is recommended for deepfake beginners.

FaceApp Features

  • Android/iOS support
  • Gender change, age change (beard, gray hair, wrinkles), makeup (skin, hair, makeup, contacts), etc. can be adjusted from photos and videos (automatic processing by AI)
  • Swap faces with others.
  • Temperature, color, etc. can also be changed.
  • Paid subscription required to use all features



  • Language: Japanese
  • Supported OS:Android OS/iOS
  • Price: Free of charge (with payment system)

Online Deepfake Maker


This deep faking application is only available online and is highly accurate, and is the recommended online application if you want to make deep faking videos that look like the real thing. Since all the necessary processing for deep faking is done online, the major advantage is that no PC specs are required.

However, it is regrettable that the conversion time takes longer instead of being highly accurate and the cost of $3 per hour.

Features of Online Deepfake Maker

  • User registration is required to use the service.
  • No burden on your PC because the process is done online
  • Costs $3 per hour (takes 4-5 hours to create one video)
  • The deepfake videos created will have a watermark to show that they are fake
  • Web-based, so it can be used from a smartphone

Official website :

  • Supported languages: Japanese
  • Supported OS: Not specified as it is web-based
  • Price: $3 per hour (Basic plan can only store videos for 180 days)

 Reface: An application that allows users to exchange photos face to face in videos and memes


Compatible with Android and iOS, this deep faking app is very popular on the Internet. Reface allows you to identify only faces and replace them with faces from videos and photos. You can easily cut out the faces of yourself and your friends and replace them with actors and celebrities from movies, so it is recommended for making interesting videos.

Features of Reface

  • Facial photos and videos you have taken can be combined with existing famous videos.
  • Billing is required for full-scale use
  • Can be changed to match various facial expressions from recognized faces
  • Can change the faces of people in your own videos (paid use only)

Android OS

iOS Store

  • Language: Japanese
  • Supported OS:Android OS/iOS
  • Price: Free (subscription required to use all features)



It is an open source deep faking application that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, and while it is free, you can create high quality deep faking videos. The original site is in English, but there are videos that explain how to use it, so you can create high-quality deep fake videos by using it while checking there.

However, since a high-spec PC is required to create deep-fake videos, there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to use on a PC that is not equipped with a high-performance CPU and GPU.

Features of Faceswap

  • Open source deep faking application available completely free of charge
  • High quality videos can be created (automatic saving of training models)
  • Requires a high-spec PC for video creation, CUDA recommended (processing takes a huge amount of time on a low-spec PC)

Download site: _x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc

  • Language: English
  • Supported OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Price: Completely free



This is a free AI-based deep faking application that can be used by those with low performance PCs to create fake videos. It may not be suitable for beginners.

If you are not familiar with program input, it may take some getting used to before you can create high quality videos. Please note that the introduction method is also more challenging than other applications.

Download site:

Supported OS: Windows

Deep Nostalgia

This is a deep faking application that uses deep learning technology to bring people from the past back to life. It is extremely accurate and creates images as if the deceased person who has passed away has come back to life. Although this application is available online, it is limited in that it only recognizes one person's face and can only be used up to the subject's neck, so it is not as practical as it could be, but it is a tool that allows you to enjoy the high technology, so we encourage you to try it.

  • OS on which the browser can be used
  • Available online only (up to 5 images for free)
  • Subscription registration is required for practical use

Official website:

How to process photos into illustration style with DVDFab Photo Processing AI

Here I would like to show you how to use DVDFab Photo Processing AI technology to make your photos look like illustrations.

Features of DVDFab Photo Processing AI


DVDFab Photo Processing AI is a Windows application that allows you to easily create high-quality photos using AI.

Official website:

  • Language: Japanese
  • Supported OS: Windows 7 or later (11 supported)
  • Price: From 5,899 yen to 15,929 yen (30-day money-back guarantee)

*All functions completely free for 30 days

Purchase Tips:

If you want to use AI to enhance the quality of your photos and videos, AI Pack (includes 4 AI products) is recommended! Currently on sale, get 4 AI products for 65% off! Final price will be 22419 yen. Go to the sale page for more details!

How to use DVDFab Photo Processing AI to make your photos look like illustrations

1. Visit the official website and click "Free Download" to download the installer.


Or click the next button to free download DVDFab Photo Processing AI.

  Free Trial Windows Version
100% safe (virus checked)

2. After launching the installer, click "Quick Install" to start installation, and after the installation is completed, click "Start Now" to launch it.

動画 音声 抽出

3. Launch DVDFab Photo Processing AI and click "Open Image" on the screen, or drag & drop the photo file you wish to process in the center of the screen.


4. After the image is loaded, select "Cartoon" from the "Presets" section, change the settings to your liking, and click "Save".

*Basically, there is no need to manipulate the image as the AI will automatically process the image according to the photo.


5. Click "Save" to start image processing, and wait until it is completed.

*If you have a GPU, you can shorten the processing time.


6. Check the completed photo and if there are no problems, you are done.


Using a GPU, which is supported by the official website, is recommended for even faster processing.

Summary of recommended deep faking applications

This article provides an overview of the deepfake applications available for PCs and smartphones. To summarize:Smartphone Deepfake Apps-These apps are recommended for convenient and user-friendly deepfake creation. They offer an easy and accessible way to engage with deepfake technology. However, it is important to note that while these apps are easy to use, they may come with additional costs or lower quality. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully review and evaluate these apps before utilizing them.

PC Deepfake Apps: Creating high-quality deepfake videos typically requires a high-spec PC or significant financial investment. Deepfake apps designed for PCs often offer advanced features and superior performance. If you aim to produce professional and fully-developed videos, it is recommended to opt for the PC version of deepfake applications.

In conclusion, while smartphone deepfake apps provide a convenient experience, PC deepfake apps offer more robust capabilities for those seeking a comprehensive deepfake video-making experience. It is essential to consider your requirements and carefully select the appropriate platform for your deepfake endeavors.Please note that the reserved paragraphs have been rephrased while preserving the original word count and content.

If you are looking for video materials for deep faking or AI synthesis, you can download videos from many free video sharing sites such as YouTube, Twitter, etc., and subscription video services such as Amazon, U-NEXT, DMM, FANZA, etc. We recommend StreamFab, which allows you to download videos from Amazon, U-NEXT, DMM, FANZA... and many other free video sharing sites.

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