DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management, is a technology used to protect digital content such as movies, music, novels, and other materials from illegal copying and distribution. However, this protection can cause issues with playing your favorite videos and music on devices other than the ones specified.

To address this problem, you can use dedicated DRM removal software to convert DRM-protected files into DRM-free ones. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of software for downloading DRM-protected video, music, and e-books. We will also include paid DRM removal tools, as free DRM removal tools may not be fully featured. You can use these DRM removers to remove DRM from platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Kindle, and more.

Streaming Video DRM Removal Software for Amazon/DMM etc. ~StreamFab

Firstly, let us introduce a software capable of removing DRM from streaming videos. While we have yet to discover a free software that can remove DRM and download from video sites such as Amazon, StreamFab offers a free trial feature allowing users to download three files from each video service.

StreamFab is an exceptional tool for removing DRM from videos and downloading videos from Amazon Prime Video, DMM, Netflix, HULU, U-NEXT, and many other streaming services. It also offers the ability to download or convert videos to MP3 from over 1000 free video sharing sites.

Each video downloader for each video service can be purchased separately, for example, Amazon Downloader if you want to remove DRM from Amazon videos and save them locally, DMM Downloader if you want to remove DRM from DMM videos and get them, U-NEXT, HULU, etc. &... hellip; Please select the video streaming service according to your need.

Click the button below to try StreamFab for free.

  Free Trial Windows Version
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  • You can free download 3 video files from each video site for 30 days trial period.
  • DRM-removed videos will be saved in MP4 format on your PC.
  • You can download a series of videos at once.
  • It is more economical to purchase the All-in-One or StreamFab MyCombo (flexible combination of two or more individual products).
  • Downloaded videos can be edited at will.
  • To download DRM videos from video delivery services, you will need an account for that service.
  • DVDFab offers many promotions, so please check the official website for discounts before you make your purchase.

Compare DRM Removal Software

Product Features
DRM M3U8 Downloader

Download 1080p MP4 videos from websites that implement DRM M3U8 encryption

Supports sites such as TVer, Bandai Channel, etc.

DRM MPD Downloader

Download videos from DRM-encrypted MPD file streaming sites and save them as 720p MP4/MKV videos

Supports sites such as WOWOW

All-in-one ( currently 40 products) Remove DRM from videos from all supported video sites and download to PC
StreamFab MyCombo (indefinite version) Flexibly combine two or more single products; choose Amazon+Netflix and save more than the single product

To purchase the all-in-one, click the button below.

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30-day return and money-back guarantee
  Buy Now
30-day return and money-back guarantee

How to Remove DRM and Download Videos with StreamFab

1.  Launch StreamFab and click on "VIP Services" on the left side. Then you will see many icons on the right side, including Amazon, Netflix, DMM, FOD, etc.

Please review the following text for grammar accuracy and fluency:

3. Click on the appropriate icon, such as Amazon or DMM, to sign in to your account.

4. Next, select the video playback that you wish to download, and a download box will immediately appear.

If the video is part of a series, you can choose to download the entire series at once, or deselect specific videos if you only want to download certain ones. You can also select your preferred language and subtitles. Once you have made your selections, click on "Download Now" or "Add to Download Queue" to start the download.

5. open "Downloading" to see your download progress and downloaded videos.

Recommended Software for Removing DRM from Apple Music and Spotify

In this article, we will show you how to remove DRM from popular music apps like Apple Music and Spotify. As they are DRM-protected, you will need specific software to download them. We will explain some free tools that can help remove DRM from your music.

1. iTunes Media DRM Removal Software-Requiem 4.1

Requiem is an excellent software for removing DRM protection from iTunes files, including videos, songs, audiobooks, and iBooks. The converted media can be played on non-Apple devices such as Android, Xbox 360, PSP, and more. The DRM removal process is lossless, so the output media retains the same quality as the original files.


  • Completely free;
  • Can remove DRM from iTunes video, audio and iBooks;
  • Support both Windows and Mac OS (DRM Removal Free Software windows10);


  • Cannot remove DRM from rented movies and songs;
  • Only works with iTunes 10.7 or older versions;
  • Cannot support Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.

However, we stopped upgrading it after 2012. Then, we introduce the alternative DRM remover software.

For those who wish to remove DRM from videos distributed on Apple TV+ and download them, we recommend StreamFab Apple TV, a professional downloader.


Download Apple Original videos in high quality up to 1080p. Downloaded Apple TV+ content is DRM-free and can be played on any device.

2. iTunes DRM Removal Software for Purchased or Rented Videos - M4V Converter Plus

With M4V Converter Plus, you can easily remove the DRM protection from any media file, video, movie, or TV show purchased from the iTunes store, and convert it to a generic MP4, AVI, or other file format. This allows you to play the resulting video on a variety of devices of your choice. So, you can enjoy the output video on various devices as per your preferences.


  • Supports Windows and MacOS;
  • Various output formats and devices supported;
  • Fast and high quality DRM removal;
  • Supports AC3 5.1ch surround sound and multilingual subtitles & audios;
  • Clip output video and extract audio from video


  • Cannot support protected iTunes audiobooks and music;
  • Paid software ;

3. free software to remove DRM from Apple Music - myFairTunes

The DRM Removal Software, myFairTunes, is a free software used to remove DRM from purchased iTunes music. It is particularly useful for those who purchased many songs from the iTunes Store before 2009, even though Apple removed DRM from iTunes music in 2009. If you are among those who bought many songs from the iTunes Store before 2009 and want to remove the DRM from these music files, then Apple Music Converter Free myFairTunes is your best choice.


  • myfairtunes is completely free;
  • myfairtunes can remove DRM from old iTunes M4P music files;
  • myfairtunes is small in size and easy to use.


  • Supports only Windows OS;
  • Cannot remove DRM from Apple music or iTunes audiobooks;
  • Unable to convert iTunes video;
  • Update stopped. iTunes 7.0.5 and older versions are supported.

Apple Music DRM Removal Software - Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter can convert DRMed Apple Music M4P music to DRM-free MP3, AC3, etc. without any degradation. Apple Music format M4P protection can be removed to enjoy it on other devices.

Advantages: 1.

  • Remove DRM from iTunes Music and Apple Music;
  • Convert audio files to various formats such as MP3, AC3, etc;
  • Can extract audio files from iTunes videos;
  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS.


  • Paid software ;
  • Cannot remove DRM from iTunes videos; can only remove DRM from Spotify videos.

4. software to remove DRM from Spotify music-Spotify Music Converter

Spotify is the largest music streaming service in the world, providing access to over 40 million songs spanning genres ranging from J-pop to rock, jazz, classical, and even rare ethnic music. With the use of Spotify Music Converter, it is possible to remove DRM protection from Spotify songs, playlists, and albums. This software allows you to convert them into MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC files while preserving the audio quality.


  • Easy to use;
  • There is a free version Spotify Free and a paid Spotify Premium version;
  • Download only up to 3,333 songs on your device;
  • Conversion with preservation of song information and high sound quality;


  • No Mac version;
  • Only compatible with Spotify music.

Software to remove e-book DRM

Lastly, I will introduce a software to remove eBook DRM.

Free software to remove eBook DRM - Calibre

Calibre is an eBook converter and a free eBook DRM remover that can eliminate DRM from Kindle books, Adobe Digital Content, and more. It is widely recognized as an effective DRM removal tool, making it a must-have for eBook enthusiasts. If you are one of them, then you should be familiar with this powerful eBook management software.


  • Completely free DRM remover;
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux OS;
  • Removes DRM from most purchased eBooks;
  • Search" function helps you find books;
  • Supports more than 50 e-book formats.


  • Has a complicated interface and is not suitable for beginners;
  • To remove DRM, users need to install DeDRM plugin.

E-book DRM Removal Software - Epubor Ultimate

Epubor has developed a powerful eBook conversion tool that can convert eBooks into various formats while simultaneously removing DRM restrictions attached to them. This tool can remove DRM restrictions from eBooks purchased on Amazon, Kobo, and other eBook stores.


  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS;
  • Concise and easy-to-use interface;
  • Not only can it convert various eBook formats, but also remove DRM restrictions attached to eBooks;
  • Allows you to customize the converted PDF and edit e-book metadata;


  • Paid software;
  • Cannot remove DRM from iBooks.


In this article, we have introduced several free DRM removal software options that make it easy to remove DRM protection from videos, eBooks, and multimedia files (especially iTunes files). We compared and explained the most practical and recommended option, StreamFab Downloader. Additionally, these free DRM removers are compatible with Windows 10, making them very convenient. However, it's important to note that free DRM removal tools are not full-featured and may not meet all of your needs for removing DRM. That's why we also offer paid DRM removal software. Please feel free to choose the option that best suits your personal situation.