What is myfans (myfans)?

myfans (myfans) is a monthly fan club service. Simply put, it is a private social networking service for fans only.

myfans offers a variety of contents. The service has just started in 2019 and will continue to grow in popularity.

Creators can receive compensation from their fans in exchange for providing special content, in a subscribe-like image. The basic structure of the service is that users subscribe to a monthly fan club for creators who distribute limited public content. myfans is slowly gaining recognition as it was featured on ABEMA's popular program "Paycheck Details".

What is the difference between myfans and OnlyFans?

  myfans OnlyFans
Creator's commission 17.5% (for creators) 20% (of the total amount)
Payment Methods

Credit Card
Prepaid card
Convenience store payment

Credit Card
Withdrawal to a Japanese bank ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎
Required documents for registration to creator

Driver's license
Insurance card etc.

Worldwide recognition ◎Japanese
Japanese ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ Japanese

If anything, myfans is better suited for Japanese people. Unlike onlyfans, you do not need to prepare your passport, as you can register with your driver's license or insurance card. In addition, myfans offers payment methods other than credit cards, so those who do not want to register or do not have a credit card can use it with confidence.

Similarly, both services are tolerant of adult content as well as general content, and while Facebook and Twitter block Western paintings, Myfans and OnlyFans do not. For this reason, onlyfans is also actively used in the art world, with Australian museums creating accounts and sharing artworks.

Features and Attractions of myfans

Adult content is also allowed

myfans is a rare service that officially allows adult content. myfans is so unique in that Facebook and Twitter warn users about Western paintings alone, but myfans officially allows adult content.

The people distributing adult content on myfans are all amateurs. Because it is a platform where professionals have not entered, you can enjoy realistic and stimulating content. For example, the cheapest plan has a mosaic on the face, but if you upgrade to a higher plan, you can see your face... Some creators have different plans for each plan.

Subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to their favorite content!

There is also a function to send tips to creators, so you can not only subscribe, but also support more creators! This is also recommended for enthusiastic fans who want to support creators more! Not only subscriptions, but also single products are available, so you can pay on a case-by-case basis. Some creators offer free trials, allowing you to view the actual content before paying for it.

Another attraction of myfans is that it is very close to its fans. On general SNS, you rarely receive a response to your comments or DMs, but with myfans, you can communicate with creators individually, send content requests, and support your "guesses" from a very close distance.

You can also earn money as a creator.

You can earn money on myfans even if you have less than 10,000 followers. For example, you can use Twitter to attract customers, and then use myfans to channel core fans to your business model. This is much easier to monetize than registering on a general SNS, gathering followers through hard work, and earning revenue from advertising. There is a disadvantage of not being able to actively engage in advertising projects because they tend to be disliked by followers. Especially in the case of adult-oriented accounts, the creators are often women and the fans are men, so there is a dilemma that fans are not interested in products recommended by women. In this sense, myfans is a private SNS that makes it easy to earn money.

Creators and fans feel close.

Another attraction of using myfans is the closeness to creators. In conventional SNS, the distance between fans and creators is far, and it is rare to receive a reply to a comment or a DM. With myfans, however, you can send individual messages to creators and make content requests only to your followers, so the sense of distance is closer than with general SNS.

myfans Fees, Commissions, and Payment Methods

On myfans, there are two types of users: creators and fans. Creators can basically use the service for free. Fans (viewers) pay a monthly fee for the fan club. (Some content is provided free of charge.)

The market price for subscriptions is roughly 500-3,000 yen, and the fee paid by creators to the management is 17.5%, the lowest in the industry. (Incidentally, the maximum fee is 20,000 yen.)

The commission rate for a typical creator support platform is 20-30%, so it can be said that myfans is a very creator-friendly service. Earnings will be transferred in about one business day after deducting a 250 yen commission.

myfans Payment Methods

myfans accepts payment by credit card (JCB, VISA, Mastercard, Diners, Amex) and prepaid cards. Note that once a creator has set the fee, it cannot be changed in the middle of the process.

How to register a myfans account, subscribe to content and unsubscribe

For viewers】How to register for myfans

  1. Open myfans and click on "Account
  2. Tap "Don't have an account?
  3. Enter your email address, password, and name, and tap "New Registration".

For viewers】How to subscribe to myfans

  1. Search for creators and consider plans
  2. Check the notes and click "Subscribe
  3. Enter your name and phone number, and click "Submit.

For creators】How to sign up for myfans

  1. Create a myfans account
  2. Go to Account > Settings to verify your identity
  3. Enter your date of birth and bank account information
  4. Create your profile
  5. Create a new plan from Settings > Posting/Administration > Plans in operation

By the way, you can also set a GIF for your profile picture. It is easy to stop at a glance when it is moving, so please consider it.

How to cancel your myfans membership

There are two steps to canceling your myfans membership: canceling your subscription and canceling your myfans service.

How to cancel your subscription

  1. Select your account
  2. Select the plan you are currently subscribed to.
  3. Select a plan and click "Cancel Plan
  4. Enter the reason for cancellation and click "Cancel".

How to cancel your myfans subscription

  1. Log in to myfans
  2. Open the account deletion page
  3. Fill in the reason for canceling your membership and click "Cancel".

How to earn money as a myfans creator

There are three ways to earn money on myfans

  • Earnings from monthly fan clubs
  • Earnings from the sale of single videos
  • Earnings from DMs with tips

Based on these assumptions, for adult content, the typical monetization methods using myfans are

  1. Raise awareness on Twitter
  2. Distribute on myfans
  3. Lead them to a free trial plan on myfans
  4. Get core fans to subscribe to a paid plan

and then have your core fans subscribe to a paid plan. Also, if you want to get international fans, you can use Pornhub instead of Twitter. Also, be particular about your profile. Upload all icon images, header images, etc., and fill in all the fields that can be filled in, such as self introduction and plan description.

Precautions when using myfans

Be careful not to commit obscenity.

myfans is a social networking service that accepts adult content, but if you distribute sensitive content that has not been mosaicked, you will be in violation of the "crime of distribution of obscene material. In fact, in 2022, there was a case in which a creator was arrested for selling 16 million yen by abolishing uncensored videos on myfans.

Be careful not to violate copyright laws.

Downloading a creator's video and selling or distributing it to a third party without permission violates copyright law. Never download videos for which you have obtained viewing rights through subscriptions and provide them to others.

Cancel all subscriptions when you cancel your membership.

Fans must cancel all subscriptions before leaving myfans. In addition, when a creator cancels myfans, all fans registered to his/her plan must cancel their plans.

How to download myfans videos for PC

The recommended way to download myfans is to use the StreamFab YouTube Downloader.

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A 30-day free trial is available. The free trial allows you to try all the same features as the paid version.

The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and you can easily download videos by playing them in the software or simply pasting the URL. Click the button below to get started with your trial.

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Below are the steps to download myfans videos using StreamFab YouTube Downloader.

Step 1: After downloading the software, launch it immediately.

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Step 2: On the home screen, enter the URL of the myfans video you wish to download.

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Step 3: The video will open in the software's built-in browser.

myfans ダウンロード

The URL will be automatically parsed as you play the video.

myfans ダウンロード

Step 4: Click "Download Now" if you want to download the video immediately, or "Add to Queue" if you want to download it with other videos.


myfans ダウンロード

After the download is complete, click on the folder symbol from "Download" to access the file directly. The file was properly saved as MP4!

myfans ダウンロード

How to download myfans videos for smartphones

Because myfans is rich in adult content, the video download function is not implemented for privacy reasons. However, there are some people who want to download videos of their guesses and enjoy them offline again and again. As it turns out, there is no application that allows downloading for both Android and iPhone (because they are copy-protected and cannot be downloaded), but there is a way to record them.

By the way, there is no Google extension to download myfans videos. There used to be a dedicated extension like "Download videos from Onlyfans.com" but the page has been removed as of 2023.

How to download myfans videos on Android?

According to the author's research, there are no applications available to download myfans videos. (As of July 2023)

Instead, an app called "Screen Recording," which comes standard with Android, could be used to record myfans. Screen recording has been included by default since Android 11, but you can update your OS to make screen recording appear.

How to record myfans with Android screen recording

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top to display the control panel.
  2. Tap "Screen Recording" (it may be on the second page of the panel)
  3. Start recording
  4. Open myfans and play the video you want to record
  5. Swipe down from the top to end the recording
  6. Check the recording data

How to download myfans videos on iPhone

For iPhone, there is no app that allows you to download videos locally as MP4 like on Android. I tried with Clipbox+, but although it proceeds to the download screen, the download fails every time. myfans videos If you want to watch them offline on your iPhone, you can either download them to your computer first and then transfer them to your iPhone, or you can record myfans using the standard screen recorder on the iPhone, just like on Android.

There is no need to install a special application, as the recorded data will not be blacked out.

  1. Display the control panel and activate the screen recorder
  2. Open myfans to record
  3. Stop recording
  4. Review the recorded video in the "Photos" application

Q&A about myfans (myfans)

For those who want to know a little more about myfans (myfans), we have compiled a list of detailed questions. Please refer to them below.

1. how long is the free trial period for myfans (myfans)?

Whether or not there is a free trial period depends on the creator. Some creators offer a free trial period for their content. However, be aware that even if you use a free plan, you will need to register your credit card information, and some plans require you to pay for the first month free of charge, and you will be charged automatically from the second month.

Is myfans safe?

myfans uses the payment system of a publicly listed company and has partnerships with several other companies, so there are no sudden closures and it is safe. The payment service is also protected by security technology, so there is no need to worry about your personal information being leaked. Messages can also be exchanged on the platform, so you can use the service with peace of mind.

3. when is the payment renewal date for myfans?

The payment renewal date is the date you subscribe to the subscription. For example, if you subscribed to a subscription on July 10, your renewal date is the 10th of each month. To check your renewal date, please go to Account Icon > Cancel Plan. Unless you cancel your subscription, your subscription will be automatically debited on the renewal date each month.

4. what are the limitations of myfans?

First of all, there is no limit regarding the length of videos; the maximum capacity of one video submission is 10 GB. The capacity includes not only videos, but also images and DMs. Also, please note that appealing images are limited to 100MB.

5. how old do I have to be to use myfans?

Because myfans contains adult content, those under 18 years of age are not allowed to register. In addition, if you wish to send out content as a creator, you will need to submit identification documents.

6. does myfans distribute the contents of the underground idol Mayuka?

Yes, myfans (myfans) offers content from the underground idol Mayuka.


What should I do if I cannot watch myfans?

If you cannot watch myfans, there may be a problem with your device. Once you have tried the following, please refer to the following tips to help you deal with the problem.

Try deleting the cache/cookie

Cache and cookies are functions that speed up the loading of once-visited sites and make it possible to use the Internet comfortably, but there is a possibility that you may not be able to watch videos if the information is outdated. However, if the information is out of date, you may not be able to view videos. In most cases, cache and cookies can be deleted from the browser settings.

Turn off the "block all cookies" feature

On devices running IOS11 or later, the "block all cookies" feature may be enabled. In that case, the cookie will not remain on the Internet. To turn it off, go to Settings and select safari. If "Block all cookies" is on, select the slider and change it to white (disabled).

Turn off the "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" feature

As with "Block all cookies," it is possible that the "Prevent cross-site tracking" feature is turned on in IOS11 or later. If this feature is enabled, no cookies will be left. To turn it off, go to settings, select safari, and disable the "Cross-site tracking" option.

8. what happens if myfans login is blocked?

If your login is restricted, give it 3-4 days and try logging in again. Please do not register as a new member. Also, be sure to change your password before you are blocked.

9. how do i delete myfans account?

To delete your myfans account, first log in to myfans.

Please note, however, that you cannot delete your account if you have an existing subscription plan. In the case of creators, you cannot delete your account if there is even one person registered in your plan. Before deleting, you must inform the creator that you want them to cancel their membership, and stop new registrations as well.


myfans is a creator-supported platform with abundant adult content. As a new type of social networking service, myfans has the potential to grow in the future, so please refer to this article to keep up with the times and register. Some may be concerned about safety, but rest assured that no fees will be illegally deducted from your account and you can easily cancel your membership.

This article also introduced how to download and record myfans videos on your PC or smartphone, but please note that recorded videos are for your personal enjoyment only. if you want to download myfans videos on your PC and watch them offline, please use "StreamFab YouTube Downloader StreamFab YouTube Downloader allows you to download not only myfans videos but also videos from 1000+ sites including YouTube.