Tver is an app for smartphones, but there are actually several ways to watch it on your TV. If you can watch it on your TV, it would be convenient for the whole family to watch it together and you will be able to see a powerful video. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of easy ways to watch Tver on TV using your iPhone or Android phone. Even if you are not familiar with machines, this article will enable you to watch Tver on your TV.

What is Tver?

tver テレビで見る方法

Tver is a service provided jointly by commercial TV stations such as NTV, TV Asahi, TBS, TV Tokyo, and Fuji TV. Therefore, programs from the five commercial TV stations can be viewed completely free of charge, with no membership registration required.


0 yen

Supported TV Stations

Nippon Television Network Corporation

TV Asahi


Fuji Television Network, Inc.


Missing distribution period

1 week (varies depending on the program)

Supported devices

Smartphones, PCs, tablets, and TVs available

Membership Registration

Not required

Operated by

Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi, TBS TV, TV TOKYO, Fuji Television Network, etc.

How to watch Tver on TV!

Let us quickly introduce how to watch Tver on TV. Please try the method you can easily get your hands on.

How to watch Tver on TV using iPhone

tver テレビで見る方法

What you need

Apple TV


Approximate budget

From 24,800 yen


★ ★

There are two ways to watch Tver using your iPhone: The first is to connect your Apple TV to your iPhone and project the application. First, connect the Apple TV to the TV. This is all you need to do to easily project your phone's screen onto the TV, then open the app and play the video.

The second method is to use Safari; the method for projecting the iPhone screen onto the TV is the same as the app. Once the screen is projected on the TV, open Safari, tap "aA" in the upper left corner, and then tap "Show Desktop Web Site" to complete the process. However, the safari method is not recommended, so it is better to use the app.

How to watch Tver on TV using Android

tver テレビで見る方法

What you need

HDMI cable


USB Type-C

Approximate budget

From 1500 yen


HDMI cable

To watch Tver on a TV using Android, an HDMI cable is used. However, since an HDMI cable alone cannot connect to Android, a USB Type-C for conversion is required. Therefore, if you do not have one, you will have to pay about 1,500 yen. Once you have the conversion cord and HDMI cable, you can easily project your smartphone screen on the TV by connecting the Android to the TV.

How to watch Tver on TV using a PC

tver テレビで見る方法

What you need

Internet connection

TV with HDMI terminal

HDMI cable

Approximate budget

600 yen and up


★ HDMI cable

You can easily watch TV by connecting your PC and TV with an HDMI cable. All you need is an Internet connection to watch Tver on your PC, a TV with an HDMI port, and an HDMI cable. If you have an Internet connection and a TV, you only need to purchase an HDMI cable, which can be purchased for about 600 yen if it is inexpensive.

How to watch Tver on TV using Smart TV

tver テレビで見る方法

What you need

Smart TV

Wi-Fi environment

Approximate budget

From 25,000 yen

Difficulty Level

★ Smart TVs are TVs that are equipped with the ability to use streaming services.

A TV equipped with the ability to use streaming services is called a smart TV; once connected to Wi-Fi and the Tver application downloaded to the TV, it is convenient to play Tver on the TV simply by operating the remote control. Other than the Smart TV, there is nothing else needed, making it easy to understand.

How to watch Tver on TV using a streaming device

tver テレビで見る方法

What you need.

Fire Tv Stick or Chromecast

TV with HDMI port

Wi-Fi environment

Approximate budget

From 5,000 yen

Difficulty Level

★ Streaming devices such as Fire Tv Stick and Chromecast

Streaming devices such as Fire Tv Stick and Chromecast make it easy to watch Tver on TV. Streaming devices are plugged into the HDMI port of a TV and connected to Wi-Fi. All you need to do is download an app and you are ready to watch. The fee is about 5,000 yen, which is easy to afford, and the level of difficulty is low.

What to do if you can't watch Tver on TV

When watching Tver, you may find that you cannot watch it whenever it goes to commercial. This is annoying because even if you restart the TV, it will start at the TverCM or eventually go completely black and crash. Apparently, this phenomenon is common among people who use FireStick TVs, and if this happens, the only way is to replace the FireStick TV itself.

Q&A for those who want to watch Tver on TV

Here is some useful information for those who want to watch Tver on TV.

  • Can I project Tver to my TV for free using my iPhone?

It is not possible to project Tver on your TV using only your iPhone; you will need an external device such as AppleTV, and it is impossible to project Tver completely free of charge.

  • Can I watch Tver on my TV while abroad?

You can watch Tver from abroad by using a VPN, which is simply a virtual private line that allows you to hide your IP address. There are free and paid VPNs, but for safety, a paid VPN is recommended.

  • Can I watch local programs on Tver?

You can watch some programs. This is because there is no end to the number of local programs available, so currently it seems to be limited to a few.

  • Why are some programs available on Tver and some not?

Tver is a portal site for the five commercial broadcasters, and each company only allows some of their programs to be viewed on Tver. In fact, Tver also serves as a window to encourage registration on their respective pay sites.

  • Why is Tver free?

Tver, like regular terrestrial television, is dependent on advertising revenue. Therefore, you cannot skip ads that are played in programs distributed on Tver. Also, Tver basically delivers only the latest episodes. Therefore, to watch past episodes, you need to pay for a paid video subscription service such as Paravi or TELASA.

  • Is it possible to save tver videos in MP4?

It is possible with the StreamFab YouTube  downloader. For more information on how to do this, click on TVer Download.


There are several ways to watch Tver on TV. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can use an HDMI cable. We hope you will find a method that works for you and watch Tver on the big screen.