DVDFab offers a range of products that are regularly updated, including DVD/BD copy software, DVD burners, downloaders, copy protection removers, players, virtual drives, compressors/extractors, file transfer tools, and more. There are also free versions available for all kinds of DVD/BD copy software.

This article focuses on the latest version of DVDFab Free Edition, a free software product. We'll provide detailed information on how to download and use this software using the DVDFab free download.

1. How to Get the DVDFab Free Version

If you want to use DVDFab for free but aren't sure where to download it from, we can guide you through the process:

Method 1: Download the DVDFab Free Trial Version

The easiest and most convenient way to download the free version of DVDFab is by downloading the 30-day trial version. This version allows you to use all of DVDFab's copy, rip, convert, create, and AI products without any limitations for 30 days.

To download the latest version of DVDFab safely and for free, click on the buttons below:

  Free trial Windows version
100% safe (virus checked)
  Free trial for Mac
100% safe (virus checked)

How to Get DVDFab For Free: Use DVDFab's Free Software

If you're looking for more free software from DVDFab, go to DVDFab's official website, click "Free" on the right side of the menu bar, then select "Freeware" to access DVDFab's free software page.

DVDFab Free

Introducing DVDFab's Permanent Free Software

Below are the currently offered free software by DVDFab:

  • DVDFab HD Decrypter
  • StreamFab Video Downloader
  • Passkey Lite
  • ExplorerFab
  • Free Video Player
  • Video Converter Lite for Mac
  • DVDFab File Transfer
  • DVDFab Remote
  • DVDFab Region Reset
  • DVDFab Inspector
  • DVDFab Virtual Drive

Among the free software, DVDFab HD Decrypter is the most recommended.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is a stable brand of software that can process discs and videos at high speed. It is a multifunctional freeware that integrates several existing functions and adds new ones. This software is also one of the ways to reset DVD Fab 10 expiration!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use DVDFab Free Edition software:

DVDFab Free Software 1: DVDFab HD Decrypter

  • Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Free Edition from DVDFab website.
  • Step 2: Launch DVDFab, and choose "Ripper" option in the top menu.
  • Step 3: Insert your DVD or Blu-ray disc into your computer's drive, and wait for DVDFab to load it.
  • Step 4: Choose the output format you want, such as MP4 or MKV, and select the video quality and size you prefer.
  • Step 5: Customize your video with the built-in editing tools, such as cropping, trimming, adding subtitles, or watermarking.
  • Step 6: Click the "Start" button to begin the ripping process. Wait for a few minutes until the process is complete.
  • Step 7: After the process is finished, you can find the ripped files in the designated folder on your computer.

DVDFab 無料

DVDFab Free Edition, also known as DVDFab HD Decrypter, is a free DVD and Blu-ray copying and ripping software that is popular in Japan. It can also convert DVD, Blu-ray, and video to MP4 and MKV without any loss of quality.

Key features and functions of DVDFab HD Decrypter:

  • Ability to remove some DVD protections and Blu-ray copy protections
  • Rip DVD and Blu-ray to ISO image file or folder without any degradation
  • Convert DVD/Blu-ray/video to MP4 and MKV formats
  • Built-in video editing tools including cropping, trimming, rotating, merging, watermarking, and adding subtitles to videos
  • User-friendly interface, suitable for beginners

Download the latest version of DVDFab for free today!

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Download macOS 10.10 - 13
  100% safe (virus checked)

After the trial expires, DVDFab products will automatically switch to HD Decrypter mode. To learn how to use DVDFab HD Decrypter, please refer to "DVDFab Expire Reset".

The latest version of DVDFab HD Decrypter includes some functions of DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, and Video Converter. However, the free version is limited in its high-end functions such as adult disc copy, DVD compression or burning, and converting videos other than MP4/MKV. Therefore, upgrading to the paid version is recommended for those who require these features.

DVDFab Free Software 2: StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader

DVDFab 無料

StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader is the free version of StreamFab Video Downloader. While it only supports downloading from YouTube, it can be useful for avid YouTube lovers looking to download videos from the world's top video sharing site. For those seeking additional capabilities such as downloading from numerous video sites and converting videos to MP3, upgrading to the professional (paid) version is recommended.

StreamFab Video Downloader can be easily downloaded by clicking the button below.

  Free Trial Windows Version
100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Trial for Mac
100% safe (virus checked)

Features of StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader:

  • Download YouTube videos in MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and other formats freely
  • Select video resolution while downloading
  • Download playlists
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Download metadata

Limitations of StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader Free Edition:

  • StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader offers playlist, TurboSpeed, and metadata downloads, however, only five files can be downloaded with each of them.
  • The downloader supports videos up to 720P resolution.

If you need further guidance on how to use StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader, please visit StreamFab Video Downloader How to Use.

Paid Version of StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader

While the free version of StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader has limited functionality, its paid version, StreamFab All-in-One, stands out for its ability to download videos from over 30 world-renowned video services such as Amazon, Netflix, U-NEXT, DMM, and Fanza.

DVDFab 無料

DVDFab Passkey Lite: A Free DVD and Blu-ray Protection Remover

DVDFab Passkey Lite is a simplified version of DVDFab Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray that allows users to remove DVD and Blu-ray copy protections and region codes. It also has the ability to rip unprotected DVD/Blu-ray content to image files or folders. In addition, the software enables playback of unprotected DVD/Blu-ray content on various media players.

DVDFab 無料
Features of Passkey Lite:

  • Removes copy protections including RC, RCE, APS for DVD, V36, RC, BD-Live and UOPs for Blu-ray
  • Changes region settings for PowerDVD and TotalMedia Theatre as Blu-ray players
  • Rips unprotected discs to folders or ISO image files
  • Compatible with ImgBurn, VLC and other software for burning, editing or playing DVD and Blu-ray

Limitations of Passkey Lite:

  • Passkey Lite does not support strong copy protections such as ARccOS, RipGuard, CPRM, etc.

What Passkey Lite-Paid Version of Passkey can do

  • Dub and convert commercial/recorded DVD/Blu-ray to data format
  • Select whether the output ISO file should be protected or unprotected
  • After launching Passkey Lite, you can play the DVD/Blu-ray with any free DVD playback software like VLC.
  • Supports all the latest copy protections and adult protections

Click on the button below to download Passkey Lite and use it for free.

  Free Trial Windows Version
100% safe (virus checked)

To learn how to use the free version of Passkey Lite, please refer to the "DVDFab Passkey Lite" article.

DVDFab Free Software 4: ExplorerFab

DVDFab 無料

ExplorerFab, which was updated in 2021, is a super practical tool for disc burning, ISO extraction, virtual drive creation, and free video downloads from over 1000 video sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. Unfortunately, it only supports Windows OS.

Free features of ExplorerFab (100% free):

Main Features Description
Video Download Free download videos from over 1000 video sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. Supports up to 5 files for batch download.
File Compression & Decompression Compress and decompress files in seconds, including ZIP and .7z. Supports 38 types of file decompression.
ISO File/Folder Creation Creates image files from files and folders.
Burn from ISO File/Folder to Blank Disc Burn ISO files/folders to DVD.
Virtual Drive Creation Upgrade the functionality of old DVDFab Virtual Drive.
  • Manage image files by mounting multiple virtual drives at the same time
  • Emulate up to 18 virtual drives for DVD/(Ultra HD) Blu-ray image files

Download ExplorerFab for free by clicking the button below:

  Free Trial Windows Version
100% safe (virus checked)

DVDFab Free Software 5: PlayerFab Free Video Player

DVDFab 無料

The PlayerFab Free Video Player from DVDFab supports most general-purpose video formats, and in addition to freely playing any video and audio, it also has the ability to manage and organize local video and music files. It can play Dolby Atmos and DTS high-resolution sound sources and even 4K videos, and with the HDR10 effect, it is highly recommended for those having trouble playing back high-quality videos with high sound quality.

Features of PlayerFab Free Video Player:

  • Supports a wide range of video/audio playback
  • Imports local movies and music into the player media library and displays them on the poster wall
  • Automatically organizes files, combining series products into one file
  • Downloads and edits metadata automatically
  • Supports numerous playback languages
  • Offers up to 7.1 channel audio output, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with high-resolution audio support
  • Enables 4K UHD video playback with HDR10 effect

Click the button below to download PlayerFab Free Video Player for free:

  Free trial Windows version
100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Trial for Mac
100% safe (virus checked)

Note that PlayerFab Free Video Player also offers a paid version called PlayerFab All-in-One.

What You Can Do with the Paid Version of DVDFab All-in-One

  • Enjoy DVD/Blu-ray/UHD playback
  • Stream videos from various platforms like Amazon and Netflix
  • Turn off annoying ads
  • Watch series products seamlessly with continuous playback
  • Adjust playback speed according to your preference
  • Select from various video and audio quality options, choose audio and subtitles as needed
  • Play DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with navigation menus
  • Backup and import your DVDs and Blu-rays into your library
  • Capture screenshots while watching your favorite movies or TV shows
  • See local file posters displayed in the player for easy browsing

Explore DVDFab's Free Software: Video Converter Free & Video Converter Lite for Mac

DVDFab Video Converter Free Edition

DVDFab Video Converter is a versatile video converting and editing software. In 2019, DVDFab made the free version available. You can download it by clicking the button below.

  Free trial Windows version
100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Trial for Mac
100% safe (virus checked)

Key features of DVDFab's Free Video Converter:

  • DVDFab Free Edition can convert video files of any format except H.265/4K video to MKV Passthrough/MP4 for free.
  • When converting, you have the option to edit video quality, trim, crop, add background music and subtitles, and more.

The limitations of DVDFab Free Edition include:

  • H.265/4K video conversion is not available in the free version.
  • You are limited to the MKV Passthrough/MP4 conversion profile.
  • You can only output 2 audio channels and 720P (MP4/MKV) video channels.
  • Hardware (GPU) acceleration is not supported.

(2) Video Converter Lite for Mac

The permanently free DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac is a one-step video converter designed specifically for Apple devices.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)

Key features of Video Converter Lite for Mac include:

  • The software can convert various types of videos into formats that are compatible with iOS devices.
  • It also has the ability to convert DVD and Blu-ray ISO image files and folders.
  • The program supports a wide range of iPod and Apple devices, including older generations as well as newer models like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and Apple TV.
  • Advanced video editing features and customizable settings allow users to edit their output video.

Limitations of DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac:

  • This version of the software only allows for M4V output format.

Differences between DVDFab Video Converter Lite and Video Converter for Mac:

  • DVDFab Video Converter for Mac supports a wider range of devices from brands such as Sony and Samsung in addition to Apple products.
  • The full version of Video Converter for Mac offers a greater variety of output formats including both 2D and 3D video and audio options.
  • DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac is a permanently free version of the software while Video Converter for Mac is available in both free and commercial versions.

DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac is a simplified and free version of Video Converter for Mac, so their usage is similar. For specific instructions, please refer to the "mp4 to mp3 Converter for Mac" guide.

DVDFab Free Version Software 7-10

Software Features Download Links
DVDFab Inspector Reports hardware information such as CD/DVD/BD media https://dvdfab.org/download/DVDFabInspector.exe
DVDFab Region Reset Allows you to change the region settings of your Blu-ray player software. https://dvdfab.org/mlink/download.php?g=REGIONRESET
DVDFab File Transfer Automatically transfers converted files to iTunes, PSP, ZUNE   https://dvdfab.org/download.htm
DVDFab Remote Check DVDFab task status on your phone in real-time; receive push notifications https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dvdfab.phones

If you're looking for a powerful and free software for video downloading, unprotected DVD and Blu-ray ISO conversion, dubbing, burning, and file compression/decompression, check out DVDFab Free Software. ExploreFab is the most recommended software, followed by DVDFab HD Decrypter which has been popular since its debut, and PlayerFab which supports 4K videos and high-resolution audio. All of these software are 100% free.

For a comprehensive review of DVDFab, you can read our DVDFab 12 review. Take advantage of DVDFab Free Software and try it out now!

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