DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management, is a technical approach used to safeguard video and e-book content from unauthorized copying or usage by third parties. Amazon's Kindle platform incorporates DRM technology, resulting in restrictions that prevent Kindle books from being read on devices other than Kindle devices and apps. However, what can be done if one desires to read a Kindle book on an iPad, smartphone, or any other non-Kindle device? In this article, we will present three reliable Kindle DRM removal software options , Calibre, Epubor Ultimate and Epubor KCR Converter, and explained how to use them. Let's take a look at them together.

Also, if you want to remove the protection added to music/videos/movies/audiobooks purchased from Apple, we recommend DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple below. Click the download button and try the free trial for 30 minutes. ↓↓Click on the "Download" button to try the free trial for 30 days.

DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is an excellent software to remove protections on music/video/movie/audiobook purchased from Apple, so that you can easily play them on other devices.

Features: 1.
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4. transfer DRM-free files to other tasks

Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit) macOS 10.11  - 10.13

For more information: https://dvdfab.org/drm-removal.htm

For specific instructions, see How to remove DRM protection from M4P files.

What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, a technology that makes original data playable only with specific software or hardware to prevent unrestricted use or reproduction of content on electronic devices, such as movies, music, and novels. It is a means of protection. Currently used by many digital publishers and software companies, such as Amazon, AT&T, AOL, Apple Inc., Netflix, Google[7], BBC, Microsoft, Sony, and Valve Corporation.


Calibre is an e-book management software available for both Windows and Mac OS. It is a free, open source e-book software that supports a large number of formats. In particular, it can convert DRM-covered e-books to other formats and sync with several major e-book readers. 37 languages are supported.

How to check if DRM is added to a Kindle book

If the book does not have DRM, you can open it directly, but if it does, you will see a screen that says "This book has DRM".

kindle drm 解除

How to remove kindle drm with Calibre

Step 1 Download and install it from the official Calibre website (https://calibre-ebook.com/).

kindle drm 解除

kindle drm 解除 2020

kindle drm 解除 2020

Step 2 Install the Calibre plugin (http://download.epubor.com/DeDRM_plugin.zip) (DeDRM).

Step 3 Start  Calibre and go to Settings > Plugins > Load Plugins from File.

kindle drm 解除 ソフト

kindle drm 解除 ソフト

Step 4 Add the DeDRM plugin downloaded in Step 2.
A security risk warning will appear, select "Yes".

calibre kindle drm 解除

Next, click "OK" after the Zip file plug-in has been successfully installed.

drm 解除 kindle

On the next screen that appears, select "Apply.

kindle drm 解除 calibre

The DeDRM installation is now complete; restart Calibre and add your Kindle book to Calibre, and the DRM should be removed immediately.

If you want to remove DRM on Kindle books downloaded on a dedicated Kindle device, you will need a KSN.
Settings →Plugins →DeDRM plugin →Customize plugin →eInk Kindle eBooks

Click "OK" and the DRM will be successfully removed.

kindle drm 解除 フリー

calibre drm 解除calibre drm 解除 プラグイン

Countermeasure for not being able to unlock kindle drm with Calibre

If you still fail to undrm the kindle book after following the above operation, please do the following
1. Delete the book added to Calibre.

calibre drm 解除 プラグイン

2, Remove DeDRM plugin.

Settings → Plugins → Select DeDRM plugin → Remove plugin → Click "OK" in the window that appears.

calibre drm 解除 プラグイン

3, Restart Calibre and install it again using the above DeDRM plugin procedure ("Settings" → "Plugins" → "Load plugin from file").

kindle drm 解除

Kindle PC/Mac 1.25 or higher does not allow DRM removal with Calibre.

Epubor Ultimate

Also, since Calibre is a completely free kindle drm remover, we sometimes find it a little difficult to operate. You can use the paid kindle drm remover Epubor Ultimate instead.

Official website of Epubor Ultimate: https://www.epubor.com/ultimate.html

The official website has a video showing in detail how to remove DRM, if you are interested, please refer to it. Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An5PKE7EuJw

Epubor KCR Converter

This is another paid product from Epubor, here is how to undrm a kindle book with KCR Converter.

Step 1: Go to Kindle Cloud Reader (https://read.amazon.com/) in your Google Chrome browser, sign in to Kindle Cloud Reader with your Amazon account and click Enable Offline Click Enable Offline.

kindle drm 解除

You will need to upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome. If this does not work, you can use the Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome Extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kindle-cloud-reader/icdipab jmbhpdkjaihfjoikhjjeneebd).

Also, the only browser that is interchangeable with KCR Converter is the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Right click on the Kindle book and select "Download & Pin Book".

kindle drm 解除

Step 3: Download and install KCR Converter. The download links are as follows
Windows version: https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter-download.htm#os_Win
Mac version: https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter-download.htm#os_Mac

All Kindle books will automatically appear in the main interface of Epubor KCR Converter.

kindle drm 解除

However, each time you download a new Kindle book from Kindle Cloud Reader, you must restart Epubor KCR Converter in order for all books to appear in the main interface of KCR Converter. Otherwise, new downloaded Kindle books may not be detected.

Step 4: Convert Kindle book to epub/mobi/azw3/pdf.

First, check the box in front of the title of the book you want to convert.
 Next, choose epub or mobi or azw3 or pdf as the output format.  
Finally, click the Convert button to start the conversion.

When the conversion is complete, a folder containing all the converted Kindle books will pop up immediately.

kindle drm 解除 ソフト

Compare Epubor Ultimate and Epubor KCR Converter


Epubor Ultimate

Epubor KCR Converter

Supported Book Stores

Kindle/Kobo/Google Play ebooks

Kindle ebooks only

Supported Output Formats




Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC / Mac,

Kobo books can be downloaded via Kobo Desktop or ADE,

Google Play Books must be downloaded via ADE.

Kindle books must be downloaded & pinned via Kindle Cloud Reader.


24.99 per year for Win; $29.99 for Mac

14.99 per year for Win/Mac

We have introduced three kindle drm removal tools above. Please choose the appropriate kindle drm removal tool according to your own preference. If you want to remove the drm protection added to music/videos purchased from Apple, you can use DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is recommended.

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