Video DownloadHelper Overview

Video DownloadHelper is a video downloader that can be used as an add-on to popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Video DownloadHelper2019 is a video downloader that can be used in popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Video DownloadHelper 2019 is an application that allows you to download videos from the Internet and perform format conversion. These days there are many video platforms, including YouTube.

When downloading videos, it has the ability to convert them to a specified file format. For example, videos distributed in AVI format, which is larger in size, can be converted to MP4 format, which can be comfortably viewed on smartphones.

Let's start with a brief introduction to the features of Video DownloadHelper 2019, which is an extension that is compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Please note: You cannot download Youtube videos with the Video DownloadHelper add-on for Chrome.

Full functionality requires license purchase.

To use the full functionality of Video DownloadHelper, you need to purchase a license. Some limitations exist when using Video DownloadHelper for free.

  • The downloaded video will contain an identification QR code.
  • You can only download a video once every two hours.
  • The ability to convert video formats will also be limited.

Some users of Video DownloadHelper may want to download videos on their days off so that they have a selection of videos to watch on their commute to work. If they use Video DownloadHelper without purchasing a license, they may experience problems such as not being able to finish downloading in a day or the video size remaining large.

So, in order to download videos without stress and with the same clear image quality as the original videos, you should consider purchasing a license.

Paid licenses include the following features

  • QR codes in the converted video will be removed.
  • You will be able to convert videos directly to mp3 audio files.
  • You will receive support for the conversion feature.
  • There are no restrictions on HLS downloads.

How to purchase a license of Video DownloadHelper

Click on the Video DownloadHelper icon, then click on the Settings icon.

Select "General" > "Unlicensed" > "License to convert" Select "General" > "License Unconfigured" > "License to Convert".

You can purchase a license in Euros or U.S. dollars; payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards is supported.

How to use Video DownloadHelper

How to install Video DownloadHelper (Chrome and Firefox)

To use Video DownloadHelper, you need to install the functionality in the browser in which you want to view videos. The browsers supported by the software are Chrome and Firefox. You can install Video DownloadHelper by following the same procedure as adding other add-on software.

1, Google Chrome

To install Video DownloadHelper in Chrome, start by visiting the Chrome Web Store, where the product is listed.

In the search field of the Chrome Web Store, Video DownloadHelper as a keyword and press Enter. Find the Video DownloadHelper extension under the search results and click on it.

After you are on the download page, click on the "Add to Chrome" button in the upper right corner. Add to Chrome" button button in the upper right corner.

After clicking the button, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to add Video DownloadHelper. After confirming the permissions, click on the "Add Extension" button, Click the "Add Extension" button. button.

The installation process will proceed, and after a few moments, the completion screen will appear. The Video DownloadHelper icon will appear on the right side of the address bar.

2. Firefox

To install Video DownloadHelper in Firefox, start by looking for Video DownloadHelper from within the official Firefox add-on website.

Click on the menu button in the upper right corner of your Firefox browser, Extensions and Themes Extensions and Themes". The Add-ons Manager tab will open.

At the top, click on Search for Video DownloadHelper in the "Find Add-ons" field. at the top and search for Video DownloadHelper.

Select Video DownloadHelper from the search results.

On the next screen Add to Firefox" button button on the next screen.

On the screen that appears, click Add" button on the screen that appears. button on the screen that appears.

After clicking the button, a pop-up message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, indicating that the installation is complete. After checking the message, if you feel there is no problem, OK" button. to complete the installation.

To use Video DownloadHelper comfortably, you need to convert it to Japanese!

To use Video DownloadHelper comfortably, it is essential that you Japanese-lize the software. In most cases, you do not need to be aware of the Japanese language when setting up Video DownloadHelper; however, if you feel that Japanese is not being used when using Video DownloadHelper, you will need to Japaneseize the software separately.

To Japanese-lize the software, use the language settings in Chrome/Forefox. Select the Language item in the Options menu to proceed with the Japanese conversion.

It is important not to forget to install the companion application

After installing Video DownloadHelper, you may encounter errors when you think about downloading videos, in order to take advantage of all the features of Video DownloadHelper, you will need to add an app called a companion app.

Click on the Video DownloadHelper settings icon, Click on the Video DownloadHelper settings icon and select "General" > "Companion App Not Installed" > "Install Companion App" > "Install Companion App" > "Install Companion App". Click on the "Install Companion App" button.

On the screen that appears, click on Click the "Download" button. button on the screen that appears. The companion app will be downloaded.

When installing the companion app, it is important to set the language to English. Since it is an English version of the application, incorrect language settings will result in garbled characters. When installing the application, it is important not to neglect to check that there are no mistakes in the language.

How to download videos using Video DownloadHelper

Initial setup:

When setting up a download destination in Chrome, start by selecting the Settings tab in the menu. Clicking on the Settings tab will open the Advanced Settings screen. In the advanced settings screen, you will see items related to downloads.

Operation." tag. From the drop-down menu under "Download Process from the drop-down menu. Companion App" from the drop-down menu. from the drop-down menu.

Click the button to the right of "Default Download Folder. button to the right of "Default Download Folder" to change the download location.

To set the download location in Firefox, go to the Options tab that appears when you select the menu. In the General tab at the top, select the Save in the following folder setting from the items related to downloads. Once you have set the folder where you would like to save your own videos, the settings for the download destination are complete.

How to download videos:

To download a video using Video DownloadHelper, start by navigating to the video page where you want to save the video.

When you start playing the video you want to download in the browser in which you installed Video DownloadHelper, the Video DownloadHelper icon in the upper right corner will start to change. (It will become colorful)

After pressing the icon, a pop-up regarding the download will appear. When you hover the mouse over the right side of the video you want to download, a right-facing ... ▶ will appear.

Click on the triangle icon, and from the menu that appears, click on Download". to start downloading.

After a few moments, the video download will be complete.

Be careful when using Video DownloadHelper.

Although Video DownloadHelper is a tool that makes it easy to download videos, there are some things to keep in mind when using it.

Some of the content on video sites is uploaded under copyright. If you download a video casually because you find it interesting, it can lead to big problems later on. When downloading, be sure to check the license.

Video DownloadHelper can handle video sites with frequent updates, such as YouTube, without any problems. The software's download function will be useful for watching valuable and favorite videos offline.

Causes and solutions for Video DownloadHelper 2019 version not downloading

video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

Video DownloadHelp2019 is indeed a useful application, but some people online say that they can no longer use it or that they have encountered problems. Some of the specific problems you may encounter include the following

  • FireFox does not detect videos when trying to download them in the browser
  • Attempts to download do not work

The causes of these problems and how to deal with each of them are as follows

Video downloadhelper No longer available Cause 1: Too many history files are slowing down the operation.

The first possible cause is that there are too many history files in the browser, which is putting pressure on the operation of the application and causing it to be blocked. History files accumulate in daily use and require a lot of space. If the browser is full of memory, it will gradually slow down and freeze in the worst case.

Video downloadhelper no longer works Coping Method 1: Clear the cache and delete cookies.

If you are unable to operate normally due to file space constraints, the most direct and effective solution is to delete unnecessary memory to free up space.

From the "Menu" icon on your computer, select "Options" and then "Privacy and Security. You can specify which sites are allowed to use your data and delete cookies and site data.

Video downloadhelper no longer works because 2: Video file is not supported

Another possible cause is that the video format is not supported or has an anti-copy copy protection that prevents downloading. In this case, video download help2019 does not support the video in the first place.

Even if you wait for recovery or fix some problems, you will not be able to download successfully. This is a limitation of the application.

Video downloadhelper Disabled Coping Method 2: Use an Alternative App

If there is a video you really want to download, the only way is to find an app that supports it and use that to convert the video.

You will need the video downloadhelper companion app.

Alternative tools include Video Getter andStreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro, which are easy-to-use apps because they support videos from more than 1,000 sites, including YouTube and Facebook. video DownloadHelper Even if you can't download with 2019, you can often download with this app.

Learn more about StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro below.

Video downloadhelper no longer works Cause 3: Browser has not been updated.

App updates are often limited to minor fixes. Occasionally, however, major modifications are made. In particular, be aware of updates to the video site from which you are converting and changes to the video specifications.

It is possible that Video DownloadHelper 2019 will be updated to continue to support conversions accordingly. If you do not update the software at this time, it will not be able to handle the video site updates. It will freeze or give you errors.

Video downloadhelper Disabled Countermeasure 3: Update to the latest version.

To use the app comfortably, it is a good idea to update it as often as possible to keep it up-to-date.To update Video DownloadHelper2019, go to Firefox→Add-ons→Manage Extensions→"Automatically update add-ons Disable "Automatically update add-ons". This procedure will keep you up to date with the latest version.

If you still have errors that you can't figure out why Video downloadhelper is no longer working

In some cases, video downloadhelper may not respond even though the video format is not unsupported and the cache has been cleared. In some cases, the video downloader may freeze. In this case, restart the computer, open the application again, and see what happens. Sometimes this will work.

Video downloadhelper fix: Use StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro!

Features of StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro

If you are having trouble using Video downloadhelper and cannot retrieve videos, we recommend using StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro.

video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro supports videos from a wide range of platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, fc2, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Downloading Youtube videos is completely free forever.

 i  free download    i  free download  


The difference with Video download help 2019 is that it can be used with browsers other than Firefox. It is also an application that can be used on relatively popular browsers such as Windows and Mac as well as computer models.


StreamFab is currently the only app in the industry that supports downloading the latest streaming content in 1080p, thanks to updated DRM protection technology.

A free 30-day period is available to download non-Youtube videos. When the period expires, you can also purchase indefinitely at a 50% discount! Click the button below to purchase immediately 👇.

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30-day return and money-back guarantee
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30-Day Return & Money-Back Guarantee

How to use StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro

Using "StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro" is very simple. On the home screen, which appears first when you launch the application, there is a menu in the left column and a search window in the center. There is also an alphabetical button that allows you to filter sites by the initials of the site.

Simply paste the URL of the video you wish to convert into the window that appears when you click the search window or the "Paste URL" button in the right column, and confirm the conversion. This is a very simple process to complete video downloading.

video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

In the window that appears immediately after pasting and confirming the URL, you can make specific settings for the material to be converted. Select either "Audio" or "Video" from the "Format" pull-down menu at the bottom of the window. Select MP3 for audio or MP4 for video. The "Quality" can also be set in a wide range of settings. If there is one you prefer, select it.

video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

Once you have made your selection, press the "Download" button.

video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

Then press the "Download" button and you will find the completed downloaded file.

Why do you recommend StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro?

We have given a brief overview of StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro. It is a perfect alternative to Video DownloadHelper 2019, as the app supports a wide range of devices and platforms. That being said, StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro has some good points that are useful, and we will introduce them in order.

Convert to MP3 and MP4 formats regardless of the original file extension

The first point is that you can convert to video and audio regardless of the original file extension. Downloaded movies and music are saved as MP4 or MP3 files, and both MP4 and MP3 are file formats compatible with many devices. They can be played on most playback devices such as tablets, cell phones, and game consoles as well as PCs without any problems.

High sound and image quality downloads are available.

The second point is that a wide range of arbitrary picture and sound quality can be specified, and conversion in high quality is also possible. For example, if you want to download a YouTube video as an audio file, you can download it at a high sound quality of 320 kbps. It is also possible to save the file as an MP3 file, and the sound quality is very good. The quality of the video can also be determined in the range of 360p to 2160p, depending on the video to be downloaded.

Convenient mobile apps

The third feature is the convenience of the mobile version of the StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro app. This is very convenient because you can download videos from your smartphone over Wi-Fi. The smartphone app also features background playback and online playback. You can listen to your favorite music as background music while doing other tasks on the screen.


video downloadhelper 使えなくなった 2019

We have provided an overview of the features and functionalities of Video DownloadHelper 2019. Additionally, we have discussed the possible causes and provided solutions for when Video DownloadHelper 2019 is no longer accessible. Lastly, we highlighted the features of the alternative software, StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro.

With its capability to support multiple video formats, StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro comes highly recommended for video conversion and downloading purposes. In addition to supporting VideoDownload, it is also compatible with  TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader, 4K VideoDownloader, freemake video downloader, facebook video downloader .Due to its user-friendly interface and simple operations, it has the potential to become a popular choice for video conversion applications in the near future. We encourage you to give StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro a try and experience the convenience it offers.