1. benefits of extracting audio from blu-ray

1. make audio files reusable : Extracting audio from Blu-ray allows you to reuse audio files. For example, it is useful if you want to add another audio to the video you created. 2.

2. high audio quality: Blu -ray uses a higher quality audio format than CD. Therefore, by extracting audio from Blu-ray, you can get high quality audio files. 3.

3. useful for audio editing: You can use the extracted audio files to perform audio editing. For example, you can remove unwanted noise, adjust volume, add effects, etc.

4. available on multiple devices: Extracted audio files can be saved in many formats, including MP3 and WAV. Therefore, they can be played on multiple devices for a variety of uses.

2. best Blu-ray audio extraction software recommendation: DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

First of all, I would like to recommend the best software for Blu-ray audio extraction.

With DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, you can extract audio data from Blu-ray in less than 15 minutes, and change the data format to MP3 and other various data formats for use on other devices.

Advantages of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper:

  • Blu-ray copy protections can be removed quickly
  • Video and audio can be extracted to lossless quality for home theater
  • Removes Cinavia and outputs high quality audio close to the original
  • High-quality video can be extracted in small file sizes, making it space-friendly for mobile devices
  • Convert Blu-ray to over 1000 video and audio formats
  • GPU acceleration speed up to 50x faster than usual
  • Batch processing ensures high conversion efficiency.

A 30-day free trial version is available. Click the button below to free download and experience the latest version of DVDFab.

  Free Download Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  100% safe (virus checked)
  Free Download macOS 10.10 - 13
  100% safe (virus checked)

Now I will show you how to extract Blu-ray audio with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper.

Step 1: Install this Blu-ray ripping software on your computer, launch it and select "Rip" from the menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Then put the Blu-ray disc you want to extract audio from on your computer, and drag and drop the data to the "+" area in the middle of the screen, or press the "+" button to select the corresponding Blu-ray disc.

Step 3: You will then see the information on the disc, and click on "Profile Library" to the right of "Select another title".

ブルーレイ 音声抽出

Click on "Format" at the top of the transitioned screen and select "Audio" on the left side of the screen to see the available audio data formats. From among them, select the format you prefer, such as MP3, and if necessary, change the title, watch the audio in the preview, or perform "Advanced Settings".

Click on the "Advanced" symbol to set the video/audio codec, bit rate, number of channels, and other parameters.

Step 4: Then, specify the output destination in the lower left corner of the screen, and finally press "Start" to begin audio extraction. The audio extraction will be completed soon.

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3. summary of other Blu-ray audio extraction software

3.1 Recommended Blu-ray Audio Extractor 1: 4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper

4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper can help you extract audios from self-registered Blu-ray video to audio format with high speed and undegraded sound quality.


  • Extract Blu-ray not only as audio but also as video format
  • Rip Blu-ray with high image and sound quality
  • Detect Blu-ray content as title, and convert only the part you want to extract to audio
  • Various Blu-ray audio and video extraction formats
  • Control the quality and resolution of the extracted audio

Let me show you how to use this software.

Step 1: Install and launch the software, and insert the Blu-ray you want to extract audio from to your computer drive.

Step 2: Click the title "Load Blu-ray Disc" on the top left of 4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper screen. Then the Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray folder can be loaded. Select the part you want to extract as audio.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出
Image credit: https://www.4videosoft.jp/

Step 3: What you have extracted so far is not yet audio. You can output it as an image as it is, but if you want to convert it to audio, use the pool down in the upper right corner of the screen to select the output format as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, etc.

Finally, click "Convert All" in the bottom right corner, wait a while, and the Blu-ray audio extraction is complete.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出

3.2 Blu-ray Audio Extractor Recommendation 2: VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper allows you to extract audio only from commercial and rental Blu-ray and ISO image files.


  • Extract Blu-ray in video format as well as audio
  • Extract audio not only from Blu-ray but also from commercial, rental, recorded, adult, and Disney DVDs
  • Various Blu-ray audio and video extraction formats
  • Control the quality and resolution of the extracted audio for ultra-high quality output
  • Low CPU load when extracting multiple files, and ultra-fast and high-resolution ripping.

Here is how to use the software.

Step 1: Install and launch the software, then insert the Blu-ray you wish to extract audio from into your computer drive.

Step 2 : Click "Load Blu-ray Disc" in the upper left corner of the VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper screen.

The data in the Blu-ray disc will be loaded into the software screen and the Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray folder has been loaded. Click the title "Muvie List" in the middle left of the screen and select the part you want to extract as audio in the displayed Blu-ray content list.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出
Image credit: https://www.videosolo.com/ja/

Step 3: After selecting the part you want to extract, click on "Output Format" in the upper right corner and select the output format such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, etc. Also, select an output destination in the "Destination" box at the bottom.

Finally, click the "Rip All" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出

3.3 Blu-ray Audio Extractor Recommendation ③: Leawo Blu-ray Converter

With Leawo Blu-ray Converter, you can rip Blu-ray/DVD to different resolution videos and different audio formats with different sound quality. The interface is simple and the editing functions are excellent. It can also quickly compress and convert Blu-ray discs with large capacity.


  • Extracts Blu-ray in audio as well as video format
  • Extract audio from DVD as well as Blu-ray
  • Extract Blu-ray to any video/audio format

Let me show you how to use it.

Step 1 : First, put the disc you want to extract audio from into your Blu-ray disc compatible drive and launch this software.

Step 2 : After entering the interface of Leawo Blu-ray Converter, click the first "Blu-ray/DVD Converter" button from the top left corner to select the disc.

Then click the "Burn" -> "Add Video" button, the third one from the left at the top of the screen, and the data in the Blu-ray disc will be loaded into the software screen. You can also drag the file you want to extract audio from to the "Drag a file here" section of the title.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出
Image credit: https://www.leawo.org/jp/

Step 3: First click the "Convert" button to the left of "Burn", then click the "MP3 Audio" button. If you want to specify the details, click the "Edit" button that appears when you click on the selected data format, and you can adjust the bit rate, etc.

Finally, click the green "Convert" button in the upper right corner of the screen, select a destination, and click the round "Convert" button in the lower right corner of the screen to start audio extraction. After a few moments, the audio extraction will be completed.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出

3.4 Blu-ray Audio Extractor Recommendation 4: Leawo Music Recorder

With Leawo Music Recorder, you can record and save the audio when you play Blu-ray on your computer.


  • No need to install Blu-ray to the software, just playback the Blu-ray and extract the audio with the recording function.
  • You can extract the audio while watching the Blu-ray, no need to re-record the Blu-ray like other software.
  • Extracting Blu-ray audio is very easy.

Let me show you how to use this software.

Step 1: Install and launch the software, click "Source Selection" -> "Record Speaker Audio". Then click "Output Format" to set the audio format you want to extract.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出
Image taken from: https://www.leawo.net/jp/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItMr-_5jm9gIV02SLCh1rSQJIEAAYASAAEgLne_D_BwE

Step 2: After completing the above settings, play the Blu-ray from which you want to extract the audio. Then return to the first screen and click the "Start Recording" button to begin recording. Finally, save the recording to complete the Blu-ray audio extraction.

3.5 Blu-ray audio extraction software recommendation 5: tsMuxeR

Many Blu-ray audio extraction software have a trial version and then move on to a paid version. tsMuxeR is one of them that is offered as a free version. This one does not support Japanese, but once you learn how to use it, you will be able to use it without any problems.


  • Blu-ray audio extraction is easy to operate.
  • The software itself is free, and the interface is extremely simple.

Let us show you how to use it.

Step 1: Launch the software, insert a Blu-ray disc into your computer, and click the "add" button.

Step 2: Then you will be prompted to select a file, go to BDMV, STREAM for the "blu-ray" disc, and then select "M2TS" which has the largest file size.

Step 3: On the next screen that appears, check the box marked "LPCM" in the "codec" field and select "Demux" in the "Output" field.

Finally, click "Start demuxing" to start audio extraction. Wait a few moments and you are done.

ブルーレイ 音声抽出
Image taken from: https://makemkv.jp/blu-ray-audio-extraction-software/

3.6 Blu-ray Audio Extractor Recommendation 6: AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper is a useful software to extract audio from files on Blu-ray disc and convert them to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.


  • Extract Blu-ray to various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.
  • Can also extract a portion of the audio data

Here is how to use this software.

Step 1: First, put the Blu-ray disc into the disc drive of your computer and launch the software. Press the "Load Blu-ray Disc" button to select the disc you are trying to extract audio from and load the data.

Step 2. Note that AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper can also extract a portion of the audio data. If you want to extract a part of the audio, click the scissors icon on the bar next to the Blu-ray movie to set the start and end time.

Step 3 . After setting the recording time, open the drop menu of "Output Format (Apply All)" on the right side of the screen, go to "Audio Tab" and select "Encoder" to set the output format as MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

Step 4. Finally, select the "Rip All" button at the bottom right of the screen to begin audio extraction.  

anymp4 ブルーレイリッピング

4. summary

This article has introduced 7 Blu-ray audio extraction software. Which one is your favorite? These software have trial versions, but if you want to use them indefinitely, you still have to move on to the paid version. However, the functions of the Blu-ray audio extraction software from (2) to (6) are different from each other, and buying and using all of them together would be quite expensive, so I do not recommend you to do so.

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper has all the features of these software, so it will not rebel against your own expectations of Blu-ray audio extraction software. It can also extract the best quality audio with overwhelming speed. Don't miss out on the BD Ripper tool that is currently on promotion!